Tulip Festival 2017

Tulips of the Valley Festival
Chilliwack, BC

2017 Festival re-opening in our new location: Chilliwack, BC

We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening our Tulips of the Valley Fraser Valley Festival in our new location: Chilliwack, BC.

Opening April 2017: Exact dates to be announced in March as blooming time is dependent on the winter temperatures.

Our fresh cut Tulips and Hyacinths will also be available for sale at our stand in Agassiz starting in early January or look for the Onos name on the flower sleeves when purchasing your tulips at your local grocery store.

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Exact Opening dates will be announced in early/mid March 2017

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Tulips of the Valley started the Tulip Festival in 2006 in partnership with Onos Greenhouses Ltd who owns and grows the tulips on the fields.  The product from these fields that Onos Greenhouses uses are the tulip bulbs.  These bulbs are used in their greenhouse operation to produce cut Tulips that are sold through western Canada and the Northern States.

After enjoying these fields for years all to myself, I decided to open the fields and share the beauty with anyone who wishes to see them.   Over the 10 years we have been opening our fields, we have grown from a couple of hundred visitors to nearly 30,000 in 2015.

Together with my husband, my three kids, who also work with me at the festival, and a group of close friends we have slowly grown the festival to the size it is. We were also proviledged to work closely with the Seabird Community for the first 10 years of our festival.

Onos Greenhouses leases our tulip fields from a farmer in Chilliwack BC.  We will be working in partnership with this farmer in order to open these beautiful fields to the public.

Our Tulip Festival takes place each April and its opening dates depend fully on the weather.

Every year we look forward to opening our gates and seeing the delight on people’s faces as they wander around our tulip fields, snapping pictures to their hearts content.

While on the fields you will also be able to enjoy fresh Dutch Stroopwafels and enjoy different food offerings from some local food trucks.   Also stop by our store to buy your fresh cut greenhouse tulips, potted tulips and photo cards.

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Have a question about the Tulip Festival? Please send us a message below, or email us directly at kate@tulipsofthevalley.com.