Our new fields are located in Chilliwack BC off Hwy 1 – Exit 109 (41310 Yale Road) with an alternate access via Exit 116 and return via Yale Rd West.

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Parking is Free!

We will be open 7 days a week. 

  • Thursday – Monday 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00pm – 6:00pm (late opening so that we can do field work in the mornings)

Our parking is located right next to our fields with a maximum distance of around a 300 meter walk on busy days.

We will have limited handicap parking with Handicap Decal right next to our fields on a gravel area.  Wheelchairs and walkers will be able to manage up to the fields and will have a nice view from the gravel.  On a dry day it may be possible to manage along our bark paths but not around our entire field.  It is not advisable to visit on a rainy day if using a wheelchair, walker or if you have difficulty walking.

This is a working farm.  Our guests are allowed to walk around the outside of the fields and along the 1 designated path up the middle of our fields.  There is no walking allowed between the rows of tulips in order to prevent damage to the plants and flowers.

This year our tulip fields are over 20 acres in size.  We are the largest and original tulip festival in Western Canada and we also have the widest beds of tulips (180 cm wide).  This results in over 40% more flowers in an acre of land, compared to most other growers in North America who use a potato like planter and digging system with narrow flower beds.  Our farm uses some of the most sophisticated planting equipment direct from Holland in order to maximize the productivity of the land.

We do not pick the tulips in our fields as the primary product from these fields is the bulb which we harvest in June and use in our greenhouses for our Cut Tulip Operation in Onos Greenhouses.

Other than the chance to enjoy our beautiful fields we will have:

1) Weekdays only- a scavenger hunt for children
2) Weekends only – “Balloon Boy” one of the tulip boys, will be returning for his 5th year making his twist balloon creations.
3) We also will have several food trucks,
4) Our very own Stroop Waffle Stand (Fresh baked Dutch Carmel filled cookies) will be returning for it’s second year.
5) You can also shop at our store for:

  • cut tulips
  • potted tulips
  • photo cards
  • postcards
  • bumper stickers
  • handmade paracord bracelets (created by another Tulip boy)

6) A custom made tulip bed (new this year)
7) Information boards describing our operation

Yes, we will have 3-5 food trucks on weekends and holidays and 1-2 food trucks on weekdays plus we have our very own Dutch Stroop Waffle Stand with hot drinks available daily.

There will be several benches set up around the fields for both photo opportunities and a place to take a rest.  We will also have a couple of covered areas in case of rain or too much sun.

You are visiting a farm and dirt fields.  We will do our best to ensure there are some areas with less chance of getting muddy, but most of our pathways are dirt and will be muddy on wet days.  Gum Boots or good Walking shoes/boots are your best bet and come prepared for changing conditions (Rain, Wind and Sun).   We will also have disposable booties available on those exceptionally wet days.

There will be ample regularly serviced portable toilets on site with limited handicap stalls and several hand-wash stations.

You are welcome to bring your own food and sit on a bench or on our grass lawn (bring a blanket).  Tables and chairs will be reserved for those purchasing their food from our participating food trucks.

Yes, your 4 legged friends are welcome on leash.  Please pick up after them.  We will ensure there will be a drink station set up near the store.

No, please no smoking at the fields or in our parking lots.

Cash only at the fields.  Pre-purchase your tickets online for a reduced rate and to use your credit card.

Tickets are non-refundable.

No drones are allowed.