Welcome to the Tulips of the Valley Blog.

Can you believe it?  Only 6 months or so until our next Tulips of the Valley Festival in Chilliwack, BC.  We are busy preparing to offer even more for your viewing pleasure this coming year and can’t wait to share all that we have planned in our upcoming posts.  We will also share with you different exciting events/activities that can be found in and around Chilliwack and the beautiful Fraser Valley.

Our tulip fields are now being planted in preparation for our 2018 tulip festival.  The ground has cooled enough for our bulbs to go into the ground and the weather is dry and beautiful.  It will take 3-4 days to plant our 20 acres of land.  Our method of planting uses machinery directly from Holland, which is pretty new bulb planting technology.  Funny enough our planting machine is called “The Pink Planter”.

 Our bulbs are planted between 2 pieces of netting which allow us to dig them up easily in June.  The netting keeps the bulbs reasonably clean when they are dug up therefore alleviating the need to wash the bulbs before drying and storing over the summer.  Washing the bulbs can potentially cause more bulb loss due to disease, damage and/or rot.  

With this machinery we plant super wide (1.8 meters) rows that are over 500 meters long, resulting in an extremely efficient use of the land we use. Most growers in Canada and the US use a potato planter for their bulbs resulting in narrower rows and therefore less bulbs/acre.

Once the bulbs are in the ground, they will spend the next month or so rooting themselves before the ground freezes and they go into hibernation. 

Check back soon to hear about the next exciting adventure we are having in the Tulip World.